KALASHREE MUSIC FOUNDATION is a music school cum charitable foundation formed by Indian Classical Violin Virtuoso Maestro Kala Ramnath, who deeply believes in the power of music in making this world a better place to live.

Music being the universal language of the soul is one of the simplest yet strongest ways for individuals around the world to build bridges for peace and create harmony in today’s strife torn world and make a positive social change including health and well being. It is a compassionate medium to enrich societies by especially helping build better citizens, leaders and musicians of tomorrow.

Inwardly too music can form a bridge, as is seen in the emerging field of Neurologic Music Therapy. The individual brain can grow and change in response to stimuli, such is the power of music. Music has been shown to grow neural pathways in the brain by linking the areas dedicated to sound, touch, movement, speech (singing in this case), and emotion – all areas involved in making music.

KMF believes that Music can help with:

– Communication – in all forms including speaking

– Movement – helping coordination

– Social development – joining in and being cohesive

– Emotional development – expressing emotions

– Cognitive development – helping learning

– Early intervention – enhancing development at an early age

The physical, psychological, mental and social healing powers of music are well known and well established. It has the power to reach out to all class of society, to calm the restless, to help develop individual personality, to channel young energy in a positive constructive manner and to sharpen and widen growing inquisitive minds.


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