The Vision of Kalashree Music Foundation :

Promote music by establishing music schools across the country thereby giving  emphasis to music education, especially to children.

Spread music to underprivileged children who have no access to learn music across India, by holding concerts, workshops and lecture demonstrations and through sustainable music education programmes, active curriculums, preserving roots, culture & traditions.  Focus will be on underprivileged children with no or limited access to education including music as well as children who are physically sick and suffering.

The foundation through the medium of music, will provide healing and comfort to children who are sick or suffering physically.

Train and Promote young talented deserving musicians across the country

Hold regular concerts by established musicians across India

Hold cross cultural concerts inviting artists from all across the world.  The foundation will invite artistes from different music genres to perform and hold workshops within India.

Establish and maintain Centres of Arts viz. Music, Drama, Painting, and other faculties for advancement of general public.

Do any other act for the advancement in Fine Arts specifically music, for the general public not involving the carrying on any activity for profit without distinction of Caste, Colour or Creed.


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