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During my extensive travels all over the world for concerts, I read an article of two countries in the world having hundred percent literacy in music. One was Hungary and the other was Venezuela. Each promoted and taught music to its children for different reasons- Hungary to protect their culture which was eroded during the world wars and Venezuela to keep their underprivileged children away from drugs, mafia and violence and instead give them good values and channelize their energies thus giving them a good vocation and career to look forward to besides making them good and responsible citizens.

Seeing the power of music, a thought came to my mind. If these countries could do it, why not India where we have so much of talent with two different streams of only classical music found nowhere in the world? When I broached about this to my friend Sayan Mukerji, he decided to help make my dream come true. Along with a couple of other friends – Subhash Kamath, Surjya Kar and Joy Mukherjee, Sayan set up Kalashree Music Foundation. Without the Fab Four this could not have been possible.

The inauguration was held on September 21st 2013 in Kolkata with a concert of my band Yashila consisiting of me with Abhijit Banerjee (Tabla) and Somnath (Ghatam) with guest artistes Gautam Shome (Keyboards) and Mainak Nagchoudhury (Bass) joining us.


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